Catholic-Muslim Relations: Setting the Record Straight

Catholic-Muslim Relations: Setting the Record Straight

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cmrm_cathoCatholic-Muslim Relations: Setting the Record Straight


On Wednesday morning 21 September 2016, Imam Rashied Omar, delivered a lecture on “The Toxic Political Theology of ISIS” at the Pius X Catholic Church Library Club in Plumstead. This lecture follows an earlier one that Imam Rashied delivered on the same topic at Our Lady Star of the Sea Harbour Church in Hout Bay on 24 August 2016. The outreach to Catholic parishioners comes in the wake of the brutal killing of an 85 year-old Catholic priest, Fr. Jacques Hamel, by two ISIS/Da`ish supporters during a mass at a Church in Normandy, France, in late July 2016.  The Catholic Archbishop of Cape Town, Stephen Brislin, graciously received CMRM’s unequivocal statement of condemnation of the murder and condolences and sent it to all Catholic priests and nuns in South Africa. In its statement of condemnation CMRM asserted that this “tragic incident should spur us to redouble our efforts at reaching out to each other across religious divides.” According to Fr. Mark Foster of the Plumstead Catholic Church Imam Rashied’s talk has brought clarity to many regarding Islam and ISIS.

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