Celebrating `Id al-Fitr at a Time of Global Pain  CMRM ‘Id al-Fitr Message

Celebrating `Id al-Fitr at a Time of Global Pain CMRM ‘Id al-Fitr Message

 Celebrating `Id al-Fitr at a Time of Global Pain

CMRM ‘Id al-Fitr Message


`Id al-Fitr is truly a day of great joy and celebration, but it is also a day of reflection and introspection. The last days of Ramadan particularly, has seen an unprecedented escalation of extremist and sectarian violence that has resulted in hundreds of innocent civilians killed in Muslim countries, in Bangladesh, Turkey, Iraq and Saudi Arabia, including the holy city of Madina. Once again, we witness the relative silence from Western media on these atrocities that affect non-Western lives. It is indisputable, that while ISIS/DAESH has caused terror in some Western countries, the vast majority of victims who have died from the barbaric acts of violence from ISIS/DAESH have been Muslims. This is a crisis gripping our ummah about which we cannot remain silent. As long as innocent lives are lost through such wanton violence, we have to keep stating unequivocally, that the sanctity of human life is a supreme value in Islam and nothing is worth the cost of a human life.  However much it pains us, we should never tire from asserting that the heinous acts of murder and violence by ISIS and their ilk are dishonourable and betray any expression of faith in Islam. Their claim to act in the name of Islam is an aberration of our faith and we must therefore unswervingly proclaim loudly and unequivocally “Not in Our Name.” Let us at this celebratory time of `Id al-Fitr,  spare a thought for those who are suffering the consequences of terror, warfare  and grave injustices across the world in Syria, in Iraq, in Turkey,  in Bangladesh, in Nigeria, in Palestine, and elsewhere in the world, whether the oppressed are

Muslim or non-Muslim.

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