CMRM Honours Imam Rashied 20 November 2016

CMRM Honours Imam Rashied 20 November 2016

img_0968On Sunday 20 November 2016, CMRM honoured and paid tribute to Imam Rashied for 30 years of Servant Leadership at CMRM, with a dhikr at the masjid and a lunch at the Railway Stand Hall, at Newlands Rugby Stadium. His son, Jihad, delivered a moving tribute to Imam Rashied at the masjid. He reflected on Imam Rashied’s legacy of compassion, inclusivity, building bridges and being a change agent at CMRM. He paid tribute to his courage and integrity in always standing firm on issues of justice and leading us all on a path that makes us both critical and better people. 

In his tribute at the lunch, Yusuf Omardien, a stalwart and past chairperson of the Board, reflected on img_0978the many challenges Imam Rashied overcame through the years in nurturing community solidarity and agitating for change in the face of vilification, condemnation, and often isolation from the broader Muslim community. Father Peter-John Pearson, a good friend of Imam Rashied and his family, and a frequent speaker at the masjid, paid tribute to the significant role Imam Rashied has played in the broader inter-faith community through his consistent witness to social justice. The final speaker was Shaykh Sadullah Khan, also a long time friend and colleague of Imam Rashied, who spoke of his loyalty and compassion to others and his courage in always speaking img_0220truth to power.

The tributes ended with a 10 minute video presentation in which more than 70 contributors, from the masjid congregation as well as friends of Imam Rashied, used single words or phrases to describe Imam Rashied. The dominant words that emerged were compassionate, leader, courageous, socially conscious, teacher, dedicated and sociable.  To conclude the day, two of the elders of the masjid handed over an award for 30 years of Servant Leadership at CMRM, to Imam Rashied. In his response, Imam Rashied thanked everyone for organizing and coming to an event to honour him and made a special du’ah for all of the deceased of the Claremont community who were the real pioneers in building the masjid and who supportimg_0221ed him in his role as Imam when he started out 30 years ago.

Our sincere thanks to all the donors who contributed towards making the day a wonderful success and fitting tribute to Imam Rashied.

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