CMRM Strongly Condemns Slave Auctions of African Migrants in Libya

CMRM Strongly Condemns Slave Auctions of African Migrants in Libya


The Claremont Main Road Masjid (CMRM) is outraged at the news of African migrants being sold as slaves in Libyan auctions. Thousands of sub-Saharan African migrants fleeing war torn countries towards Europe have been trapped in Libya and are subjected to torture, violence, rape, forced labour and now, sold on slave markets. According to Amnesty International, these atrocities have been well documented for months, and no actions have been taken to curb them. These slave auctions of Africans in Libya are testimony to the abiding xenophobia and racism that persists in the Maghreb countries and all over Europe. The migrants have been forced to flee dire socio-economic and political conditions in their home countries, in search of dignity and livelihoods elsewhere.

It is lamentable that the African Union has remained passive and silent in the face of this human tragedy. We demand that the Libyan Authorities, the African and European Unions, and the broader international community take immediate and drastic steps to end this scourge of slave auctions and to bring the criminal slave traders to justice. We call for the African Union and neighbouring Muslim countries, in particular, to respond to the plight of migrants with urgency and compassion by providing them with necessary shelter, security and human dignity. We call on all peace and justice loving people to campaign for the alleviation of the root causes, which includes socio-economic and political crises, which compel people to flee their homes in search of dignity and livelihoods elsewhere.



Dr. A. Rashied Omar (Imam)

Jaamia Galant (Secretary)


OBO of the Claremont Main Road Masjid

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