Condemnation of Violence

Condemnation of Violence

violenceThis poster was designed by architect, Yusuf Patel of Durban. Yusuf, like all of us, was deeply pained by the spate of suicide bombings and killings that took place in several parts of the world during the final days of Ramadan 2016 and continuing since then. The wave of violence resulted in the deaths of hundreds of people and the maiming of thousands of others. With this poster we want to send out a strong message of condemnation to the bombers and killers who have violated a principle ethic in Islam, namely the sanctity of human life. Together with Yusuf’s brother in law, Mahmood Vawda, they spent many hours designing this poster. Mahmood created a Kufic script reflecting the Arabic text of Qur’anic verse 32 of Surah al-Ma’idah, chapter 5. This Qur’anic verse underscores the great sanctity and sacredness of human life in Islam. Copies of the poster is being posted on masajid noticeboards throughout South Africa

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