Hajj Seminar – Ramadan 2016 at Claremont Main Road Mosque

Hajj Seminar – Ramadan 2016 at Claremont Main Road Mosque

CMRMIMG_8151 Convenes Ramadan Hajj Seminar

For the second successive year, on Sunday 26 June 2016, CMRM convened a highly successful hajj seminar attended by more than 130 participants. The seminar focused on the socio-spiritual dimensions of the hajj and was led by Imam Rashied Omar.  Imam Rashied stressed the symbolic and social significance of the rites of the hajj, drawing attention to how the rites of the hajj are derived from the life histories of Sayyidina Ibrahim, hIMG_8147 is son Sayyidina Isma’il and his wife, Sayyidatina Hajar. A key emphasis in the presentation was to encourage prospective hujjaj to embrace the notion of alleviating hardships in all aspects of their hajj journey. Prospective 2016 hujjaj were given a special gift of an English translation of the Qur’an by Yusuf Ali, kindly donated by the Solly & Zohra Noor Foundation.

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