WELCOME TO CMRM RAMADAN 2017 1 TARAWIH  FRI 26 MAY 2017 ♦                                                         Read More »

Friday 24 March 2017 Khutbah: Cells Genes Autophagy – The Wonder of Allah by Dr M R Khan

In The Name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful.  Dear Imam, Respected Elders, Beloved Sisters and Brothers Today I want to share something very special with you I want to take you on a journey of discovery. Autophagy Recently, the 2016 Noble Prize for Medicine and Physiology was awarded to a Japanese researcher, Yoshinori Ohsumi, for his work in discovering ... Read More »

Friday Khutbah 10 March 2017: TRUMPING TRUTH by Hafiz Dr Shuaib Manjra

Throughout history the notion of truth has always been a shifting and a contested one. Truth most commonly refers to an ‘independent reality’; its opposite in common parlance is falsehood. Or truth can also signify ‘unconcealment’ or bringing something to the fore, which would otherwise be hidden. It is demonstrated in the oft use phrase of the Quran ‘to reveal ... Read More »

Khutbah: Friday 24 February 2017: From Responding to the Water Crisis to Actively Addressing Poverty and Hardship by Professor Aslam Fataar

O You who have attained to faith! When the call to prayer is sounded on the day of congregation, hasten to the remembrance of God, and leave all worldly commerce: this is for your own good, if you but knew it. (Surah Jumu’ah 62:9)   This ayaat on the imperative of yawm al-jumuah emphasises the need for us humans to ... Read More »