Post Tarawih Talks

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Tues 15 May Welcome to Ramadan – Nakba Day  – Imam Rashied
Wed 16 May Welcome to Ramadan – Imam Rashied
Thurs 17 May Tafsir – Imam Rashied
Fri 18 May Khutbah Response: Jaamia Galant
Sat 19 May Spatial Justice & Redress: Angela Andrews (Legal Resource Centre)
Sun 20 May Reflections on Racism: Kholofelo Molewa
Mon 21 May Healthy Lifestyles in Ramadan:  Salih Solomon
Tues 22 May Tafsir
Wed 23 May Caring with Compassion:  Sister Estelle Adams (Hospice Sister)
Thurs 24 May Tafsir
Fri 25 May Khutbah response:  Sa’diyya Shaik
Sat 26 May Land Redistribution: Pallo Jordan (tbc)
Sun 27 May Reflections on Janaza Course: Jaamia Galant
Mon 28 May Tafsir
Tues 29 May Tafsir
Wed 30 May Caring with Compassion:  Joanna Thomas (Hospice patient)
Thurs 31 May Tafsir – Naasir Bassier
Fri 1 June Khutbah response to Shaykh Sa’dullah:  Iman Omar
Sat 2 June Childrens’ Day – Ramadan Stories: Jihad Omar
Sun 3 June AGM Report Back – Cape Accord: Salih Solomon
Mon 4 June Tafsir
Tues 5 June World Environment Day: Aniya Martin Omardien
Wed 6 June Caring with Compassion:  M.S Kajee (Hospice Spiritual Care)
Thurs 7 June Tafsir
Fri 8 June Khutbah response to Shaeera Kalla: Raashied Galant
Sat 9 June Jihad Against Poverty, Dunoon: Councilor Makaleni
Sun 10 June Tafsir
Mon 11 June Extended Laylatul Qadr Programme – Complete khatam al-Qur’an
Tues 12 June Tafsir
Wed 13 June Tafsir
Thurs 14 June Mass Iftar

`Id al-Fitr preparations

Fri 15 June ‘Id al-Fitr: Imam Rashied Omar

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