PRESS STATEMENT – 11 April 2017 CMRM Condemns Attack on Coptic Churches

PRESS STATEMENT – 11 April 2017 CMRM Condemns Attack on Coptic Churches

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PRESS STATEMENT – 11 April 2017
CMRM Condemns Attack on Coptic Churches
The Claremont Main Road Mosque (CMRM) strongly condemns the heinous attack on two Coptic Christian Churches in Egypt that killed at least 44 innocent souls and maimed close to 100 people, on a very significant and holy Christian day, Palm Sunday, on 9 April 2017. We extend our deepest condolences to the Christian Community specifically, the Coptic Christian Church.
The frequent terror attacks claimed by the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), and the accompanying onslaught and murder of civilians by State actors, is becoming such a common occurrence in our world today that it becomes difficult to respond to each and every incident. In the past few weeks, we have witnessed the harrowing deaths of scores of civilians in Syria at the hands of the powerful state machinery of Assad, Trump and Putin, and in London and Sweden at the hands of so called ‘lone-wolf jihadis’. We are witnessing a deadly and self-perpetuating cycle between the terror directed at civilians by Muslim extremist groups or individuals and the terror by powerful States on civilian populations.

Nevertheless, CMRM believes that Muslims should never be found wanting in their clear stand on the side of humanity and a justpeace. The latest attacks on Churches in Egypt is specifically aimed at fomenting hatred amongst faith traditions, specifically Muslims and Christians, and we should never allow this to happen. We call on peace and justice loving Christians, Muslims, people of faith and of none, to redouble our efforts in fighting all forms of religious bigotry, xenophobia and racism that impugns the dignity of fellow human beings or worse, leads to their deaths. We need to raise our conciousness to condemn all acts of terror and violence that result in the killing of innocent civilians. We need to urgently explore ways in which we can seek justice for all people through non-war and non-violence in our world at large.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all the victims of terror, their families, friends and fellow citizens. We must never stop praying for a just peace the world over.
Jaamia Galant (Secretary) and Imam Dr. Rashied Omar

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