Press Statement by CMRM Youth 2016

Press Statement by CMRM Youth 2016

20160630_132817Post-Tarawih Statement – Turkish Attacks

29 June 2016

Bismillāhi raḥmāni raḥīmi

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Yesterday, the Ataturk Airport in Istanbul, experienced mass shootings and suicide bomb blasts.

These acts of terror were believed to be conducted by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

The Turkish Airport, which is the third largest in Europe was attacked by three terrorists who opened-fire on groups of civilians and security. They proceeded to detonate bombs instantly killing 41 people and leaving another 200 with severe injuries.


The strategic bomb blasts were conducted in a densely populated section of the airport, in the holy month of Ramadan. These attacks are thought to be an ISIS retaliation to the movement of Turkey making a bid to join the European Union (EU) and another attack in the three-year long Syrian Civil war and the conflict between Turkey and the ISIS.


These cowardice acts in which innocent people lost their lives are acts related to Islamic extremism.


As we understand it, Islamic extremism is when Muslims use the religion of Islam, a religion of positive peace and compassionate justice, to justify their unjust actions.


This happens when people use violent understandings of the Islamic scriptural sources (Qur’an and Hadith) to commit acts such as these. ISIS is a well known Islamic extremist group who use their extremist ideologies to recruit particularly young people and to advance their cause through unjust violence. Terrorist attacks and extremism is known to almost never have a significant change.


As Muslims, we reiterate that the sanctity of human life is supreme in Islam and there can be no justification for the killing of innocent human beings. The Glorious Qur’an is replete with references concerning the sacredness of human life (Q6:151; Q17:33; Q25:68).


For example, in chapter 5 verse 32, Allah, the Lord of Compassionate Justice proclaims: “Whoever kills one innocent human being it is as if he/she has killed all of humankind, And whoever saves one human life it is as if he/she has saved all of humankind.”


At this sacred time of Ramadan, please join us in making the following prayer and du’a:


O Allah! Help us keep all those oppressed in the world in our thoughts. May Allah, the Most Wise, guide the oppressors back onto the Siratul Mustaqim (The path of Justice). May Allah, The Lord of Compassion, (saw) grant the families of those affected sabr (perseverance), and the deceased Jannat al-Firdous, Insha-allah Amin.


CMRM Youth Group

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