Press Statement on Saudi Atrocities in Yemen

Press Statement on Saudi Atrocities in Yemen


10 AUGUST 2018

CMRM Condemns Latest Saudi Arabian Led Atrocity in Yemen

The Claremont Main Road Masjid (CMRM) is horrified at the latest bombing atrocity in Yemen.

On Thursday August 9, 2018, an airstrike by Saudi Arabian led coalition forces on the town of Dahyan, killed up to 43 people, including 29 children.

CMRM unequivocally condemns Saudi Arabia, the self-proclaimed custodian of Islam’s two holiest masajid, for this, and countless other, abominable acts of terror and slaughter it has unleashed on the people of Yemen for the past three years.
Over ten-thousand people to date are reported to have been killed in Yemen as a result of this war unleashed on Yemen by Saudi Arabia with the assistance of the governments of Kuwait, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar, Morocco, Sudan, Jordan and Egypt – all so-called Muslim states.

They have unleased this war because of a political take-over in Yemen in 2014 that would have seen a Yemeni government not beholden to the Saudi regime.

The airstrikes and naval blockade imposed on Yemen by the Saudi led coalition of countries have pushed Yemen to the brink of famine and what the United Nations has declared to be “the world’s worst man-made humanitarian disaster”.

Yemen has also been hit by a cholera outbreak deemed the worst in the world by the UN, as a consequence of the war. It estimates that roughly 400,000 people have contracted the disease since last year and up to 2000 people have died from it.

This latest bombing atrocity, involving the killing of so many children, has happened during the sacred season of Hajj, when Saudi Arabia plays host to a global gathering of Muslims of unprecedented proportions. In fact, more than anything else, the Hajj is a spectacle of humanity, peace and solidarity. Yesterday’s bombing demonstrates just how far out of step with the spirit of hajj and indeed of Islam the Saudi regime has shifted.

This latest atrocity also comes in the context of Saudi Arabia embarking on a campaign to smother any and all international criticism of its actions or policies. It follows the expulsion of the Canadian Ambassador to Saudi after Canada “expressed concern” at the arrest of civil society activists in the Kingdom. Saudi Arabia has also instituted a host of other vindictive actions against Canada, including financial disinvestments, removing students from Canadian institutions, visa restrictions and airline restrictions among others.

This is clearly a warning and message to all other governments to refrain from any criticism of the Kingdom.

CMRM cannot remain silent in the face of such open injustice and state violence. Saudi Arabia and its allied war-mongers must be condemned and repudiated for their callous disregard for the people of Yemen as they violently pursue their own political agendas in the region. We call on Muslims institutions in particular to rise up and speak out against the Saudi regime and their proxy allies for the human catastrophe they are causing in Yemen.

We pray for the suffering people of Yemen and for the downfall of oppressive dictatorial regimes and war mongers in the Middle East.




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