Ramadan 2017 Running Club

Ramadan 2017 Running Club







Claremont Main Road Masjid Ramadan Running Club

The CMRM Ramadan running club started up in 2012, and is now in its sixth year. The number of runners participating has grown over the years and gathers beginner, intermediate and advanced level runners in a post-tarawih running programme. This year there will also be a WALKING Group.

The programme structure this year will be as follows:

• Club runs on Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday
They will start on SATURDAY 27 MAY 2017

• Walking group:
– Group leader Wadeedah Jaffer
– Time: 30-45 mins

• Beginner group:
– Group leader Ridwan Wagiet
– Distance +/- 7km
– Pace +/- 10min/km

• Intermediate group:
– Group leader Suhair Solomon
– Distance +/- 8km
– Pace +/- 7min/km

• Advanced group:
– Group leaders Salih Solomon, Shuaib Manjra, Shamil Jeppie
– Distance 9 – 12km
– Pace 5 – 6min/km

Runners across all levels are encouraged to join the groups! Please note: weather on the evening will determine whether we go out on club runs but runners should come prepared with winter gear, and as a necessary safety precaution should also wear a headlamp & reflective gear.

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