The CMRM Youth I’tikaf by Zuhayr Halday 2016

The CMRM Youth I’tikaf by Zuhayr Halday 2016

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Zuhayr Halday

Thursday 30 June 2016


The Youth I’tikaf has been extremely successful so far. I believe that the goal of the I’tikaf is to achieve a better understanding of taqwa and facilitate a process of spiritual seclusion from all other distractions. Some of you might be wondering, “What is taqwa?”


Taqwa can mean many things such as fear of God, love of God, to be aware of God, to be conscious of God. Following from the advice of the Prophet Muhammad, it is an inner process that has to do with a development of a consciousness and thus guards oneself against acts or deeds that may displease Allah.


Getting back to the I’tikaf, I thoroughly enjoy the topics and themes that we covered. We looked at inspirational verses in the Glorious Qur’an. These sessions covered the objective and laws of fasting, social justice issues, and bringing across change in a society. I found the open discussion session very interesting. In only a matter of minutes, one view or opinion can turn in to a full-on debate. After Fajr, we have daily halqa sessions where we analyze verses of the Qur’an dealing with various themes.


In this morning’s halqa session, we reflected on the student protests of last year. We spoke about the introduction of “Jihad against Privilege.” We tried to link these issues with the meaning of taqwa. Each of us gave our views on the Islamic Theory of Social Change. We also explored the different methods of making the spiritual political.


The tutorial sessions deal with the current controversial issues of today and can incorporate everyone’s opinions. As one of the younger participants of the I’tikaf, I feel that the topics we discuss are relatable and easy to understand. I enjoy listening to everyone’s opinion, view or perspective of things as it brings a bit of liveliness to the topic. The thing I personally love most about the I’tikaf is the constant implementation of humor into everything we do. I feel that this is what keeps us all going until the end of the day. After tarawih, it is good to see that people are enjoying themselves as I listen to the general talk and “lekker skenner.”


Let us not forget that the purpose of the I’tikaf was to grow as an individual, and I feel that each of us have grown since we began. I have found this year’s I’tikaf very amazing and encourage more youth to attend next year.



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