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Kindly find the events listed below and adverts attached:

1) Diversity Summit – Good Hope Seminary High School – Saturday 9am – 10am
5th November 2016 (City Bowl High School initiative)

2) Restitution Conference – Castle of Good Hope – Thursday 1:30pm -3pm
– 10 November 2016 (Healing of Memories)

3) Faith and Urban Land Justice Panel Discussion – District Six Museum – Friday2:30pm-4pm 11 November 2016 (Ndifuna Ukwazi)


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inspiration for transformation

a city-bowl high-school initiative


 Saturday 5 November 2016 


Time Topic/Focus Speaker/s Organisation
8h30 – 8h45 Registration    
8h45 – 9h00 Welcome Leon Linz Good Hope Seminary
09h00 – 10h00 Embracing the “Other” As An Extension of the Self Dr Rashied Omar Claremont Main Road Mosque
10h00 – 10h30 Race/class/inequality Khomotso Moshikaro UCT
10h30 – 11h30 Fostering Multiculturalism in schools and Classrooms Jeremy Koeberg CPUT
11h30 – 12h00 BREAK    
12h00 – 13h00

May take slightly longer depending on interest and participation.

Discussion: Reflection/taking back to your school. Everyone  

           Faith and Urban Land Justice      

 Discussion at the 2016 Urban Land Justice Colloquium

Ndifuna Ukwazi is hosting an Urban Land Justice Colloquium this year from November 10 to 12. The event is organised in partnership with SERI-SA, the District 6 Museum, and Tshisimani Centre for Activist Education. The event will be hosted at the District 6 Museum.

This is a 3-day event of film, art and discussions around urban land justice issues in Cape Town and other South African cities. The discussions will address a host of issues related to the urban land injustices that plague our society, ranging from:

  • Racial segregation evidenced by the apparent lack of inclusivity of black and coloured people who are, in most cases, the less affluent in well-off neighbourhoods like Sea Point and Green Point;


  • The continual fear of different races and social classes by the affluent coupled by resistance to sharing common spaces with them including residential places,


  • The continuous driving out of the poor to the periphery by the state to areas like Blikkiesdorp (which is reportedly now full), Pelican Park and Wolwerivier.


  • The continuous driving out of the poor by private sector through evictions, spurred on by a number of factors including gentrification, rising property prices, and increased rents and


  • The lack of commitment by both the state and private sector to provide a safety net through temporary accommodation in well-located areas when evictions render people homeless. Such safety nets would allow evictees time to get back on their feet.


The Colloquium brings together a range of people and organisations, the private sector, journalists, academics, students, artists, Cape Town residents and the religious sector in different parts of the programme to chart a way forward. On this note,

You are to sit at the following Discussion Panel:

Faith and Urban Land Justice Discussion

Date: on the 11th of November 2016

Time: 14h30 to 16h00.


The discussion is focused on Faith groups taking a direct stand in forced removals and the lack of affordable housing as a matter of morality, principle, conscience and necessity.


The key questions that we will look to discuss include:

  • To what extent should Faith groups be involved to address:
    • the lack of affordable housing,
    • fear and reluctance to integrate by the affluent,
    • evictions, displacement and the need for alternative accommodation?
  • Should this be done individually as different faiths or collectively? How can we unlock the potential in Faith groups?


The aim of this is for each of the Faith groups to consider in depth what they can do can in their areas of influence and how they could do so.


We would like this to go beyond simply being a discussion – to a session to develop joint solutions and a commitment by Faith groups to spatial justice initiatives in the City of Cape Town.


We kindly request that leaders with decision-making powers attend as they are the ones able to give directives to their congregations or group of congregations when a crises arises. 


Your suggestions and comments on the key questions are welcome. Please contact Martha at 0748097977 for more details and/or to confirm attendance.



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