Intention for Fasting

Recitation of the Niyyat/intention you can make to fast the entire month of Ramadan. Recorded by Imam Rashied in 2020 when the Masjid was closed.

Roewa Nasiha

Layla Al-Nisfi Min Sha’Ban (Roewa) Thursday, 17 March 2022 Start: 7:30pm Recitation of Surah Yasin Du’s Nisfi min Sha’ban Recitation of Surah Yasin Du’a Sayyid al-istighfar (Du’a for forfiveness) Du’a al-Shifa’ (Du’a for hea,ing) Speaker: Imam Dr A. Rashied Omar

Ramadan 2022

Tarawih Salah will be led by Hafiz Dr Shuaib Manjra and guest huffaz We will have post-tarawih tafsirs/talks on weekends. CMRM will be open for tarawih salah – vaccinated congregants only and capacity limited due to physical distancing measures. No pre-registration required to attend tarawih but arrive early. Mask wearing is mandatory.